An Unexpected Hero: The Handyman Next Door

Towne Housing Real Estate uniquely stands out in the field for its versatile approach to home needs. Digging deeper into the heart of our operations, you’ll find a surprise hero: our licensed Handyman Service. They represent our commitment to providing handyman services to households around the corner and across the region. Aside from their responsive property management service, Towne Housing Real Estate takes pride in its ability to answer everyday household problems, consistently offering a solution with the phrase, ‘Handyman Near Me.’

Their readiness to jump into action – whether it’s for a simple repair job or more complex commercial tasks – manifests our commitment to our customers. This integrated service embodies the essence of Towne Housing Real Estate. It’s more than just providing homes; it’s about ensuring homeowners can live comfortably. This division has turned many stressful household situations into joyful resolutions, emphasizing our commitment towards brilliant customer service. Indeed, Towne Housing Real Estate synergizes the act of selling, renting, and maintaining primary homes, creating a holistic real estate experience like no other.