Delivering Essential Home Comforts with American Home Heating & AC

American Home Heating & AC continues to provide top-notch Furnace Replacement, Heating & Cooling, and Furnace Repair services across various areas in Rhode Island.

Our success story began with a small house in Warwick, RI, with a faltering furnace in the dead of winter. Our professionals promptly showed up to service the unit and ensure a warm and cozy atmosphere within the house. The result was ineffable satisfaction and relief from our customers, further strengthening our commitment towards service.

Since then, we have serviced numerous homes in Johnston, East Providence, Lincoln, Cranston, and East Greenwich, RI. Our customers rely on our efficient Heating & AC services to keep them comfortable all year. We’ve developed a valuable reputation for reliable and honest service. Whether it’s an emergency furnace repair, routine heating service or furnace replacement, we promise to meet the needs of our customers promptly and professionally.

The American Home Heating & AC journey paints a picture of dedication, service, and unwavering customer support. We genuinely care about the comfort of your home.