The Heart of Our Business: One Community at a Time

Nestled in the warm, bustling expanse of Denton, MD is where our story began. Our founding company, C. Albert Matthews Inc, has served the community faithfully for years. We brought with us our commitment to providing every household with top-tier Electrical Services, from troubleshooting to system upgrades; we’ve done them all.

A Riveted Presence in Cambridge

Our plumbing services in Cambridge, MD are a force to be reckoned with. Plumbing is not simply a service we provide, but it forms the very backbone of urban infrastructure. That’s why our team at C. Albert Matthews has dedicated resources to making our Plumbing Services the best in the area.

The charm of Centreville, MD is an intrinsic part of the C. Albert Matthews story. From quaint bungalows to stately homes, the district’s residences benefit from our unwavering commitment to AC services. The team’s tailored solutions provide effective cooling even in the face of the sweltering summer afternoons typical in Centreville.

Across the Trappe and Algonquin Skies

In Trappe, MD we have made a mark with our Heating & Cooling services. Our rapport with the locals in Algonquin is a testament to the efficient and reliable services we’ve been delivering year after year.

Easton, MD is where our heart truly lies. As an integral part of the community, we relish the opportunity to serve our neighbours with the utmost honesty and dedication. This hometown connection adds that personal touch to every Heating or Cooling service we undertake in Easton.

We’re more than a business at C. Albert Matthews Inc. We are a part of the community, rooted in its history and invested in its future. Our mission is to improve the quality of life in every location we serve, one electrical or plumbing service at a time.