A Day in the Life of a CML Roofing and Contracting Employee

The roofing industry, as a profession, often gets overlooked. Despite this, the longevity of your house heavily depends on the quality of your roof. At CML Roofing and Contracting, we dedicate ourselves to ensure your roofs stand the test of time. Aiming to do more than the just roof repair near me in Portland, ME, it’s this dedication that sees our employees wake up at the crack of dawn daily.

Beginning the Day

An average day of a CML staff starts with a fresh serving of coffee and a team meeting. Here, we discuss the tasks of the day which may include repair jobs in South Portland, ME, or roofing installations in Saco, ME. It’s this time that the team plans, making sure we have all the tools and materials required for the day’s tasks before setting off.

The Heart of the Day

At the jobsite, it’s all hands on deck. Whether it’s fixing a client’s roof in Windham, ME, we ensure customer satisfaction. We use quality materials from reputable roofing companies and employ skilled techniques to ensure your roof withstands the harsh New England weather. We also take pride in our level of cleanliness while on site, ensuring minimal disruption to our customers’ daily routines.

Wrapping Up

As the day starts to wind down, the jobsites in areas like Westbrook, ME or Cape Elizabeth, ME begin to clear. Our team gathers up tools and equipment, ensuring that we leave the site as clean – if not cleaner – than we found it. The height of our workday may include roof maintenance, but our job isn’t done until the very last piece of scrap material is off your property.

For a CML Roofing and Contracting employee, the day is long and often physically demanding but it’s the smiles on customers’ faces that makes the hard work worth it. It’s the knowledge that we’ve done more than roofing work – we’ve created a sturdy shelter for families to live comfortably under, come rain, shine, or snow in New England.