Maximizing Value with Linked Equipment’s Modular Facilities & Solutions

Modular facilities are innovative solutions that enable businesses to create highly efficient spaces designed specifically for their needs. Linked Equipment is at the forefront of this exciting trend, offering modular solutions that are setting new industry standards.

Cost Efficiency

Modular facilities can be a significantly cheaper alternative to traditional buildings. The controlled nature of off-site construction often cuts costs while still maintaining strong construction quality. InterMoldular container solutions by Linked Equipment are an exemplary product offering such economical yet high-standard alternative.

Time Advantage

Modular solutions from Linked Equipment enable you to save on simultaneous construction and site work. This allows for reduced construction timelines, helping your business become operational quicker. Opting for approaches such as containerized growing systems can drastically reduce the time it takes to set up a new facility.

Quality Assurance

Modular facilities such as those from Linked Equipment prioritize quality control. As the process is more uniform and controlled, resulting in minimal onsite changes and thereby avoiding potential complications. Modular extraction labs are an excellent example of this, being designed and created with precise specifications.


When your business needs change, modular facilities can easily be adapted, expanded, or relocated as required, providing a level of flexibility traditional structures can’t compete with. Linked Equipment’s turn-key processing solutions are purpose-built to meet changing industry needs.

Embracing modular facilities and solutions can fundamentally improve the way your business operates. With advantages in cost, time, quality, and flexibility, Linked Equipment’s solutions are paving ways towards more efficient, adaptable and resilient business models.