Tackling Popular Myths about AC Repair and Maintenance

Basking in the sublime weather of Delray Beach or Lake Worth, FL, while lounging in your sun-splashed living room can seem like paradise, unless your AC decides to stop working. This makes regular AC repair and maintenance an essential part of your home care. However, some misconceptions may stop you from reaping optimal benefits by causing unnecessary delays or inadequate handling of issues. As a trusted provider of AC repair services, Air-Ref Co Inc takes this opportunity to debunk such myths.

Myth 1: All AC Repair and Maintenance Services are the Same

From your local handyman to certified professionals, quite a number of people offer AC repair services. However, not all services are created equal. Opting to employ a professional service provider guarantees top-notch service and the use of high quality parts that not only fix your immediate issue but also prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning unit.

Myth 2: Higher Temperature Setting Means Faster Cooling

Contrary to popular belief, setting your thermostat to a higher temperature will not make it cool your room faster. AC units function at a constant speed until they reach the set temperature. Learning how your AC works can help save energy and prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Myth 3: AC Repair Services are Only Needed When the Unit is Broken

The old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ is perfectly applicable to AC units. Regular checks and maintenance, not just emergency repairs, ensure its effectiveness and reward you with constant, comfortable temperatures in your dwelling.

Myth 4: AC Units Just Cool the Air

AC units do more than just cooling the air. They also dehumidify your home, helping it to feel more comfortable. In areas like Boca Raton, FL, Deerfield Beach, FL and Boynton Beach, FL, where humidity can be a major issue, this is a significant factor.

At Air-Ref Co Inc, your comfort is our priority. Our professional and experienced team is committed to delivering high-quality, reliable AC service & air conditioning installation. We take pride in being at your service, supplying consistent climate control solutions to keep you comfortable all year round.